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Great location and high standards mean that the house is also priced above average.

For further information, please contact the estate agent Steinar Lund.

At Semaforgatan 6 in Kungshamn there is now a rare opportunity to build your dream house and tick it off your bucket list. A magnificent villa with a view you can only dream of is being planned here. With a real sharp binoculars, Skagen is at your feet and the Hållö lighthouse is almost in the living room.

The project description is a solid document and shows the high standard that the house is intended to have throughout, the advantage is that here it is possible to influence the choice of materials and give the house its own character. Here you avoid the moment that many fear when buying an older house, no renovation but turnkey.

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Land area: 502 square metres

Type of tenure: Property rights

Type: plot of land

Method of construction

Water: Municipal water

Sewerage: Municipal sewerage


County: Västra Götaland

Municipality: Sotenäs

Property name: SOTENÄS VALBERGET 1:151

Planning regulations

Extension of spl for kungshamn, area valberget stage 2, City Plan (Decision date: 1982-07-30, Last modified: 2022-04-22)


Mark: 666 000 kr

Total: 666 000 kr

Year of assessment: 2021

The taxable value is: Established

Type code: 210, Small house unit, plot of land

mortgage deed

There are 2 mortgage deeds withdrawn totalling SEK 2,210,000.

Map & area