Processing & Styling

We scrutinise each property to bring out its unique charm.
OM Processing & Styling

Housing dreams through careful refinement and styling

By carefully analysing each property, we find and highlight the uniqueness of each home. Which gives a brilliant result.

Thanks to our long experience and keen interest in design, we can quickly transform a tired and flat property into something exclusive that stands out from the crowd. We do our utmost to find the home's theme, which will permeate the entire work.

As we have carried out several renovations, we can quickly pick out the raisins from our previous experience and apply them to each new property. This creates a faster process and we know that we are getting a state-of-the-art property that attracts the right target group.

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Frequently asked questions

Home improvement and design means improving and beautifying homes through renovation, remodelling and the selection of materials and furnishings to create attractive and functional home environments. Transforming a place into a home that suits the owner's style and needs.

Our comprehensive portfolio of home improvement and design services includes everything from renovation and remodelling, including demolition and construction of walls, electricity, painting and carpentry. We help you with material selection and styling to achieve the dream home you've always wanted.

Hiring a home improvement expert gives you many advantages. You get access to professional expertise and experience to ensure that your project is carried out correctly and efficiently. You save time and energy as we take care of all the details of the project. We offer creative ideas and design solutions to maximise the potential and aesthetic value of the space. By managing material selection, project planning and coordination of contractors, we ensure a smooth and stress-free process. Finally, professional home improvement increases the value of the property.

The time it takes to refurbish a home varies depending on several factors, including the size of the home, the scope of the work, and the specific design and complexity of the renovation.  

To get a more accurate idea of the timeframe for your specific project, it is best to contact us for a free consultation. We can then evaluate the complexity of the project and give you a realistic estimate of the time required to refurbish your property.

The cost varies depending on several factors, including the size of the home, scope of work, choice of materials, design complexity and geographical location. To give you an accurate price estimate and create a customised plan that meets your needs, we need to conduct a thorough evaluation of your project. We always offer transparent pricing and endeavour to offer competitive prices that meet our clients' budgets and expectations. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your vision. We will then send you a customised quote that fits your project and needs in more detail. 

Homestyling plays a crucial role in property transactions by transforming a home into a visually appealing and inviting place. By arranging furniture and decorations, homestyling creates an atmosphere that helps buyers imagine themselves living in the property. Professionally styled homes can attract more potential buyers, generate higher sales prices and reduce the time it takes to sell. It provides a competitive advantage in the competitive real estate market and helps to optimise the outcome of the housing transaction.