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We help you find the best deal for you.
About new production

Successful property deals Targeted Strategists

We help you find the best deal for you. We always look at which opportunity best suits the land in question. You acquire land and built-up properties to create new, modern, sustainable housing.

We analyse which target group is suitable for this specific project. Why it is that particular target group and what that target group wants to see, have, experience. All to get the best deal in the project.

Once we have identified the target group, we start with the homes and mould them to the target group. At the same time, we put energy into marketing that is also aimed at the specific target group and that permeates the entire project.

Let's work together

Together we create successful property solutions and realise your vision.

Frequently asked questions

The M investment offers a comprehensive set of services in new housing development to ensure the success of your project. Our expertise includes everything from the planning and design of neighbourhoods to the choice of materials and styling of individual homes. We take care of marketing and sales, including negotiations with potential buyers or tenants. In addition, we can handle project management and coordination of all parties involved, giving you a smooth process. Our focus is on creating a quality and attractive living environment that fulfils both your and your customers' expectations. 

Of course, we can liaise with all suppliers for you. 

Yes, we have contacts with many investors. Let us review the deal to determine if we can find a reliable investor to help you make a successful deal.