Complete project from floor plans, material selection, styling, marketing and sales.

Idre Activity Lodge

Customer case

Marketing and Sales


We have placed an impressive sign at the construction site of our homes. This sign faces the road and is visible to both pedestrians and passing motorists, including bus travellers. It is designed with enticing images, concise and informative text, and includes our web address as well as a clear action button: "Book a viewing now!".

The website

Large, impressive images and creative collages are combined with inspiring text that touches on aspects such as the environment, activities and the cosy atmosphere of our homes. Our information is presented in a narrative form that adds value and interest. You can easily see which homes are booked or already sold. In addition, we offer convenient registration forms and clear contact information for your convenience.


Attractive banners in different sizes adapted for all social media platforms. These banners cover a range of tonalities and include images that highlight the scenic surroundings that attract, activities that inspire and our homes that create a sense of security and practicality.


We created different mailings to potential customers who were considering buying a home and to those who had already bought a home. We wrote interesting text with different selling points and offers for those who had shown interest but had not yet bought, while those who had already bought received emails with community information, maintenance, activities happening in the village and other relevant topics. These emails helped build stronger relationships with customers by showing that we understand their specific needs and interests. Potential buyers feel seen and validated, while existing customers feel that they are more than just a one-time deal. In general, mailings increase marketing effectiveness by targeting marketing specifically to those who have shown interest and/or have already purchased. 
Customer case


The project, which currently includes 15 semi-detached houses with more under construction, now has a professional website that includes an impressive portfolio of attractive images and informative and narrative written material, which can be easily adapted for different communication channels. We have actively engaged in extensive customer contact both before and after the sale, which includes follow-up after 3 months and a second inspection after 2 years. Customer care has been a central part of this project, both during and after the start of sales, and has been paramount in ensuring customer well-being and satisfaction.

If you are interested in a property, please register your interest at Idre Activity Lodge.